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Уже несколько лет занимаюсь прикладной криптографией в блокчейн-проектах. Приходится возиться с различными алгоритмами шифрования, хэширования, консенсуса, парсить разные форматы, кодировки, протоколы итп.

Building Smart Contracts for Dutch Auction (Part 2)

In the previous article, we’ve figured out how typical ICOs work from a technical POV, picked up the proper toolbox for development, and learned how to deal with potential EVM problems.

Now it’s time to write an actual Dutch Auction in Solidity!

Building Smart Contracts for Dutch Auction (Part 1)

In this series, we’ll talk about common challenges we encountered during the development of smart contracts for a non-standard token sale.

Initial requirements for EVERY Token Sale:

  • Dutch auction with duration of 30 days
  • Exponential price decay, starting from $19.99 down to $0.01 per token
  • Ability to accept Bitcoin-funded bids